Premier Industrial Exhibition

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Award Ceremony

The conclusion of the exhibition is marked by the award ceremony usually held at a prominent hotel one month after the exhibition.

Stall Evaluation Sheet

Criterion No. Criterion Stall Number
Manufactured Locally                      
Assembled Locally                      
Educational Institute                      
1 Attractiveness & Colorfulness of General display 0-100                    
2 Attractiveness of Product Display Arrangement 0-100                    
3 Visual information to the visitor 0-100                    
4 Placards, Notices, Availability of Brochures and Bulletins 0-100                    
5 Self demonstrated Product Display 0-100                    
6 Dynamic Product Display 0-100                    
7 Demonstration and Performance of the Service 0-100                    
8 Effectiveness of Demonstrations 0-100                    
9 Easiness of understanding the Process / Performance 0-100                    
10 Stall Well-managed - Stall Representatives Courteous and Helpful 0-100                    
11 Technological Standard 0-100                    
12 Availability of Technical Details, Prices and Guarantees 0-100                    
13 Innovation or Modification 0-100                    
14 Registration of Customer Details, Inquiries 0-100                    


Main Awards


  1. Best Managed Stall
  2. Stall with Best Demonstration
  3. Stall with Most Dynamic Display
  4. Stall with Most Attractive Display
  5. Best Stall with Locally Manufactured Products
  6. Best Stall with Locally Assembled Products
  7. Best Stall of Service Providers
  8. Stall with Most Innovative/Inventive Concept
  9. Best Exhibitor Providing Technical Education
  10. Best Overall Exhibitor

Award Winners List 2015

Best Contributor to Society  Sri lanka Police - SOCO  Gold Award
Principal Sponsor    Deen Brothers Imports (Pvt) Ltd Gold Award
Oficial CCTV Partner  Sensorcom Solution (Pvt) Ltd Silver Award
Co Sponsor Debug - Group of Companies Silver Award
Officila Lubricant Partner  Sinopec Lubricants  Silver Award
Official Solar Power Partner  J - Lanka Technologies  (Pvt) Ltd Silver Award
Official  Water Proofing Partner  Latex Lanka International (Pvt) Ltd Silver Award
Official Energy saving Partner  Sunpower Systems (Pvt) Ltd Silver Award
Industrial Automation Partner  Data Acquisition Design (Pvt) Ltd Silver Award
Electronic  Media Sponsor   - Telvision  Independent Television Network Silver Award
Electronic  Media Sponsor   - Radio Lakhanda Radio   Silver Award
Print Media Sponsor                                    Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited Silver Award
E-Marketing Sponsor  Ranfer E-Marketing Silver Award
Continuous Participation   ElectroRef Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Silver Award
Continuous Participation   Debug - Group of Companies Silver Award
Special Award for Appreciation   Hon : Rishard Bathiudeen Plaque
Special Award for Appreciation   Mr & Mrs. Boteju Plaque

Photo Gallery

Inco 2016

Photo Gallery

Inco 2015

Award Winners List 2014

  Name of the Award Type Award Winner
1 Best Overall Exhibitor   Gold Large Deen Brothers Imports (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Debug Computer Pheripherals (Pvt) Ltd 
2 Best Stall with Locally Manufactured Products Gold Kelani Cables PLC
Silver Modicon Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Ciparo CNC Technology
3 Best Stall with Locally Assembled Products  Gold KIK Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd 
Silver Paskal Engineering  Co. (Pvt) Ltd 
Silver Sunbird Super Solar Hot Water Systems
4 Best Stall Providing Engineering Services  Gold Thomson Electric works (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Mackwoods Energy PLC
5 Best Exhibitor Providing Education  Gold Skills International (Pvt) Ltd
Silver CADD Centre  Lanka
6 Most Attractive & Colorful Stall  Gold Pamankada Group of Companies 
Silver Mackworld Organization (Pvt) Ltd
7 Most Attractive Product Display Gold Central Bearings  & Machinery ( Pvt) Ltd
Silver Soala Steel Industries (Pvt) Ltd
8 Stall with Best Visual Information  Gold ADS Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Akai Fastners (Pvt) Ltd
9 Stall with Best Product Information Gold Dipra Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
Silver ASSIDUA  Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
10 Stall With Best Self Demonstrated Product Display Gold Latex Lanka International (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Sunpower Systems (Pvt) Ltd
11 Stall with the Best  Demonstration of Products & Service  Gold Mega Heaters (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Sala Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd
12 Stall with the Most Effective Demonstration  Gold Elcardo Industries (Pvt) Ltd
Silver ElectroRef Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.
13 Stall with the  Best User Friendyly Process Demonstrator  Gold Lankan Hume Pipes Company (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Sensorcom Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
14 Best Managed Stall Gold George Gooneratne Optometrist
Silver Vidma Electrical Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
15 Stall with the Best Technological Standard  Gold Data Acquisition Design (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Giovenzana International B.V.
16 Stall with the Best Comprehensive Information  Gold Micro Power Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Uranthalawa Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd
17 Stall With Most Innovative Product  Gold Fine Finish Engineering (Pvt) Ltd 
Silver Teliot Industries  
18 Stall with the Best Inquiry Management System  Gold Matrix (Pvt) Ltd
Silver SNAP Ferd Systems CADD Centre 
19  Best Contributor to Society Gold Large  Sri  Lanka Police - SOCO
20 Principal Sponsor  Gold   Deen Brothers Imports (Pvt) Ltd
21 Co - Sponsor Silver Debug Computer Pheripherals (Pvt) Ltd
22 Silver Sponsor Silver Soala Steel Industries (Pvt) Ltd 
23 Official Lubricant Partner    Silver Sinopec  Lubricants
24 Media Sponsors Silver Electronic Media    - MBC Net Works (Pvt) Ltd
Silver Print Media    -Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd  
Silver E- Marketing    - Target E-Ads    
25 Continuous Participation  Silver Debug  Computer Pheripherals ( Pvt) Ltd
Silver ElectroRef Engineers (Pvt) Ltd 

Photo Gallery

Inco 2014